Friday, 25 February 2011

Charlie Sheen is an Asshole

I just had to post this. I recommend it is shown to all first time actors who enter the business as a warning to keep your feet on the ground no matter how successful you become.

Whilst Charlie has a certain charm and I have enjoyed his sporadic movie roles (who remembers Hot Shots Part Deux?) not to metion the unexpectedly funny Two and A Half Men I cannot ignore that he has turned into A COMPLETE ASSHOLE. He currently is the dictionary definition of pampered-actor-who-thinks-the-world-revolves-around-him.

His dad Martin seems like a genuinely decent guy so it must be embarrassing to see his son like this.

Here he is sounding off against the world with sycophantic radio host Alex Jones laughing falsely at his non-jokes. He needs a slap.

N.B Looks like thigs have moved on a pace. After calling the show's creator Chuck Lorre a "little maggott" and a "stupid little man" he has been given the boot and production of this seasons Two and a Half Men has been shut down. Now Sheen can devote his time to his true passion: snorting cociane off a porn stars breasts.

Now have a listen at his meltdown.


  1. He's in my death pool for sure. Only a matter of time before he burns out. And he's been doing this for years. It's about time.
    I agree with feeling sorry for his father. It must be humiliating for his family. He obviously only answers to himself. Must be nice to do whatever the hell you want and let the chips fall where they may...

  2. I do agree oh anonymous one, the body can't take that much abuse. Unless he is related to Keith Richards who has managed to pickle himself to health.

    I watched something on TMZ the other day whilst I was researching this it was just reporters and papparazzi scum sucking up to Sheen outside some motel in an effort to get an extra photo or a comment. It when along the lines of

    "Charlie you are the coolest guy, you look awesome, you are so bad ass, we alllove you etc etc have you got something to say to your fans etc etc"

    If you are repeatedly getting that much smoke blown up your ass with everyone telling you how wonderful you are no wonder you are gong to act up and think you can do what you want.

    He could well do with doing some charity work and thinkking about someone else other then himself for a bit and maybe get a better perspective on life.

  3. I am enjoying the deranged rambles so far. he should get a job on a nightly telly show, just be given a ten minute slot every night. It would be the funniest thing on television.

  4. He has followed your model Steve and is doing a internet radio show called Charlie's Corner (I wonder where he got that idea from)where he can say what the fuck he likes without getting sacked.

    The internet really is the best place for the deranged wouldn't you agree?

  5. I agree generally speaking but to be honest, I was never really a fan of his anyway. Although Two and A Half Men is somewhat funny, shows like Frasier and Seinfeld are the ones that stick in my mind the most. I think there are far more talented/funnier actors. I'm not quite sure why he has reached the notoriety he has but he certainly could be the poster boy for a "Don't Do Drugs" infomercial.

  6. People like to live through him vicariously.

    He sleeps with hookers and takes drugs so you don't have to.

    I think most of us would last about 3 days in that lifestyle before going back to their Horlicks.

  7. Charlie Sheen is a egotistical spoiled and clearly mentally ill drunken violent asshole. Why in hell does anyone on the face of this earth give a shit about the insane behavior of this arrogant prick. He is a perfect example of what "celebrity" in this world has become. I for one hope this smarmy piece of shit dies young so we won't have to hear about him or what he is all about any more. Amazing how the media will focus on a worthless piece of shit like Sheen when there are so many important issues people need to be made aware of. Today did we hear 30,000 people died yesterday because they did not have enough to eat - no we did not. We heard about this slime ball bedding some whore - worthless piece of shit!!!