Monday, 14 March 2011

Are the Japanese the future of mankind?

I have often wondered in my contemplative moments what would happen in the UK if food and fuel became scarce as a result of some apocalyptic disaster. Would the traditional Britsh stiff upper lip hold firm with everyone sharing what they had and standing in orderly lines for essential supplies or would we slowly tear each other limb from limb or sell our grandmothers for a couple of Mars Bars and Cup-a-Soup?

I suggest the latter.

Despite what David Cameron would have you believe there is no big society anymore. Gone are the days of rosy-cheeked neighbours rallying around in traditional Dunkirk spirit with everyone pulling together to get through the tough times. As evidenced by the fuel protests of 2000 where motorists rushed to the pumps filling up any container they had as soon as there was a whiff of a shortage, when the going gets tough people are out for themselves to hoard as much as they can.

It's not just the U.K who has this "I'm alright Jack" attitude. Last year there was mass looting in Chile after the earthquake caused a shortage of supplies and resulted in troops having to be called in to restore order. After Hurricane Katrina, Nola residents had to defend their shops and houses at gunpoint from marauding scavenegers out to rob and loot whatever they could get their hands on.

It is with this in mind that I am amazed at the japanese reaction to the tsunami related devastation. Yes, their homes have been torn to pieces. Yes , there is a shortage of rice, bread, milk and other essentials. Yes, it is the biggest disaster to hit Japan since WWII.

Yet, despite all this, there is no looting.

On the contrary, supermarkets are cutting prices to help those most at need and vending machine owners are giving out free drinks to those who have nothing. Volunteers are shifting aid supplies into designated areas rather than nabbing them for themselves and running off into the sunset. The Japanese don't do what comes naturally to the rest of civilised society an opt to work together in order to survive.

The lack of looting says a lot about the Japanese people. It seems they have sense of solidarity and self-sacrifice that is laregly absent from most developed nations. You only need to look at the traditional cultural practice of seppuku or hari-kiri where people would rather kill themselves then lose honour and embarrass themselves or their family. Japanese people care a lot about how they look in public and would be mortified if their reputation was tarnished by a spot of thievery even in extremis.

Their exemplary behaviour make the rest of civilised society look pretty shamefaced in comparison.

If mankind is ever going to make it through the dual challenges of the modern population explosion and the growing impact of global warming we are all going to have to take a leaf out of Japan's book.


  1. No blacks = no looting, raping, pillaging, murder

    You Americans are guided by a nobel, yet sadly false ideology of egalitarianism. Wake up.

  2. The Neon Messiah has no national bias coming as he does from The Great Beyond. However his earthly representative does hail from the UK American he certainly is not.

    FYI. There were little or no "blacks" in Chile when they started rioting. I think the Scandinavian authorities would have something to say about your premise that rape and murder only afects areas with a significant black population.

    Broaden your mind my friend.

  3. Neon Messiah - I live in Sweden. 85% of all convicted rapists here are immigrants or children of immigrants from african or middle eastern countries. Although rape and murder affects every race, give me a fucking break. The incidence of rape has increased 1,000% in the last 20 years with the influx of 3rd world 'non white' immigrants here. Child rape almost 600%. There was never reports of gang rape before, now it is common place. Last month 12 Afghani asylum seekers gang raped a swedish woman. OH and yes, almost all their victims are Swedish, not 'their own' clans. Now I am constantly reading about 11 year old girls being raped, gang rapes, rapes ending in death or extreme violence. This was very very rare in the past.

    Sweden is now considered the 'rape capital' of Europe. Before? NO.

    So you are partially right. High areas of arabic/muslim population also greatly increases rape or murder rates.

    90% of ALL convicts in Sweden are immigrants or children of immigrants from non western non 'white' countries.

    OSLO Norway for the past 5 years 100% of all assault rapes were perpetrated by nonwestern 'non whites'.

    Don't tell other people what Scandinavians would fucking say.

  4. Firstly , thanks for taking the time to contribute to the discussion.

    Whilst I agree that there are big problems for me in the way Muslims treat women as second class citizens I think it is dangerous to pigeon hole and stereotype a particular group.

    If all Muslims are rapists as you seem to be suggesting why is there not a problem of this nature in the UK which has a much larger Muslim community then Sweden?

    You also undermine your argument when you lump african blacks (only about half of Africa is Muslim)and muslims in general in the same pot. If you have a genuine point you start to sound like a racist.

    The fact that sexual violence has increased in most western countries is a sad endictment of modern life and I believe may be the result of a decline in moral values rather then blacks or muslims takng over the world.

    I notice from your profile you seem to take particularly keen interest in anti-muslim and anti-black blogs. It seems clear from what angle you are coming from.