Friday, 4 March 2011

You Don't Have To Be Mad To Work Here...But It Helps

Is there are more deluded human being walking the face of the earth then Colonel Gaddafi?

Forget for one minute that he dresses like an elderly version of Michael Jackson crossed with Carmen Miranda the guy runs Charlie Sheen a close second in the blinkered lunacy department.

Fresh from denying that there were any protestors in Libya and that he was "beloved" by is people (although with his accent it actually sounded more like his pebble which would explain more about his demented state of mind) it seems his crackdown on the imaginary dissenters contintued today after loyalist forces were ordered to attack rebels in the city of Zawiya. Reuters report that up to 50 people were killed.

I'm not sure Gaddafi quite understands the meaning when he says

"My supporters would die to protect me".

There doesn't seem to be any resolution on the horizon with Gaddafi not keen on disappearing into the sunset with a truck full of gold like his fellow tryants did in Tunisia.

Gaddafi claims he cannot step down as he has not been elected and has no office to step down from. Kafkaesque logic if ever I heard it. Couple that with Gaddafi's own son Saif al-Islam waving a gun around and urging supporters to sacrifice themselves

"until the last bullet"

and it makes you wonder how long the bloodshed is going to last for.

Of course Whitehall is quick to condemned Gaddafi as a vicious tyrant who must go now but they seem to have all been struck by a collective amnesia.

It is not so long ago that very own emissary of death, Tony Blair, brought Gaddafi in from the cold despite his repeatedly funding terrorist organisations, his hand in the Lockerbie bombing and the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher during the Libyan Embassy siege.

Any right thinking person would question the motives of bringing a tyrannical terrorist with form into the fold. But, dear naive reader you are forgetting one thing. Libya has barrels and barrels of delicious oil.

Not just that but after the Scottish goverment were lent on by Blair and dubiously released Megrahi, the convicted Lockerbie murderer, on medical grounds (he had 6 months left to live yet was embarrassingly seen swanning around the golf course after his release) British businesses such as Shell, Marks & Spencer and assorted arms dealers suddenly found the cookie jar had opened up to them and all are doing a brisk trade in Libya thank you very much.

As recently as January 28, the Government’s UK Trade and Investment body trumpeted ‘business opportunities in Libya’amazingly admitting that

"...if we were only to do business with decent, democratic regimes, Britain would lose a lot of its trade."

The genie is well and truly out of the bottle and it seems there is no such thing as ethical trading when it comes to the hypocrites that run this country. If there is something in it for us there is no murderous scumbag we won't kowtow to if it is going to make us a few quid.

Perhaps there are some people in the UK who are equally as delusional as Gaddafi. Unfortunately they are running the country for the foreseeable future.

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